The new blocking element is the result of gradual development based on defined criteria, practical experience and possibilities of alternative applications. The universal character of the elements makes it possible to use them during combat conditions and in peace applications.

Possibilities of applications: - During the preparation of a state territory; - When building fortified positions of army units participating in peacekeeping forces; - For ground and air forces for quick closing of areas, including roads, for building roadblocks in cities, at airports, firing positions, etc.; - For closing areas and places with a deterrence effect in peace conditions and non-military threat, such as barricades at state borders, police actions and anti-terrorist measures; - For civil protection with the supposed use for the protection of buildings and territory against the effects of natural disasters;

Advantages of use: - High blocking efficiency; - Simple manual handling without the requirement for mechanical equipment; - Efficient storage and the possibility of fast transportation by using means of transport; - Possibility of multiple use without damaging the element and safe handling; - Low mass of the element (pairs set up into an X-shape); - Long-term durability and resistance against atmospheric effects; - No unfavourable ecological impact and simple removal; - Broad usability in various conditions;