CNG (compressed natural gas)

CNG (compressed natural gas)

Benefits of this filling solution:

  • Simple installation, low pressure gas inlet and electricity connection 3 × 400 V needed
  • Payback of 1 – 3 years – depends on volume of annually driven kilometres/quantity of CNG powered vehicles
  • Simple operation with high level automation
  • Reliability and quality quaranteed by producer of automotive components
  • Flexible modular solution, can grow with needs of user
  • Low operational and service cost

Typical applications:

  • Fleets of personal and van cars 5 – 30
  • Fleets of fork-lift trucks
  • Vehicles for taxi, mail, delivery services, enterpreneurs (plumbing, bakery), driving schools, municipalities (town police, social care, street maintanance), logistic centres…

Technical parameters of compressor unit CNG MJ05:

  • 3 stage oil lubricated compressor
  • Output 5 Nm3/h
  • Gas input pressure up to 0,2 bar
  • Output pressure for filling of the storage 250 bar
  • 3 phase electric motor 2,2 kW/3×400V/2800 rpm
  • Integrated gas meter, gas detector, dryer
  • Automatic filling incl. pressure start
  • TÜV NORD certified

Technical parameters of storage:

  • Possibility to connect 1 – 4 units CNG MJ05
  • Used 150 l cylinders that can be combined to meet user needs
  • 2 sections cascade with manual valve
  • Breakaway couling and NGV1 included
  • Connection to compressor units with pressure automatic start
  • Checking of optimal pressure in the vehicle
  • Time to vehicle fill max. 3 min (80 l)
  • TÜV NORD certified